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Zan's Kosher Lake Grove offers Senior Nutrition Programs which are State and county approved.

zans's Kosher deli NY Kosher meals

For those picky seniors

This unique program is the only
one of its kind in New York State.

Seniors receive a delicious well-balanced
meal which is state and county approved.

Suffolk County subsidizes this program
to provide a casual dining experience for seniors.

Senior Takeout
60 Years of Age & Older
Pick-up and Home Delivered Meals

Our meal programs provide daily nutritional needs
for senior citizens. Each meal consists of
an entree, 2 side dishes, (vegetable or potato)
Bread, Fortified Juice, & Dessert.

All which meet DRI
(Daily Referenced Intake) requirements.

Frozen Meals available with a minimum of 6 meals.

Home Delivery available
(with a minimum of 20 frozen meals.)

We service both Nassau and Suffolk counties.

These programs can be streamlined
to meet daycare center needs. 

For more information contact
Pat Ruggiero


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